What Makes Us Unique.

About Dwelling Suites

Dwelling Suites was founded in 1989 to help travelers and San Antonio residents find a true home away from home. Extended stay hotels, also known as corporate housing, serves a variety of purposes. While the name “Corporate Housing” would indicate it’s only for big businesses and temporary employees, it is used in many different ways. While it’s true that it works great with employees relocating or companies who need housing for big out of state events. It’s also utilized by travelers as a more comfortable alternative to a hotel. It is always more cost effective and offers way more value than any other hotel, motel or extended stay in the area. Families displaced by natural disasters also utilize Dwelling Suites corporate housing until other accommodations are arranged. People who are in transition and house hunting in San Antonio utilize it as well. Dwelling Suites five star hotel level service raises the bar for Corporate Housing in the United States. You’ll get everything you need to create a home away from home with a customer first staff that will go above and beyond service that your used to.

Corporate housing in San Antonio serves people in all walks of life and has welcomed new and returning guest for over 20 years. Our service is unmatched for other corporate housing in the San Antonio area and we are conveniently located to the bustling night life that San Antonio has to offer. With great food and entertainment just down the road, Dwelling Suites is a great place to relax after exploring the culture. You can even bring food back as leftovers which isn’t something you can do at a hotel. You’ll have access to a full kitchen if you’d like to cook your own authentic Tex-Mex.

Corporate Housing is exploding in popularity because of the comfort and value that it offers up. Dwelling Suites is one of the first to embrace these types of accommodations for travelers, companies and families in transition. Because of that we have an advanced understanding of how to take care of you. Our service goes above and beyond what is expected out of an extended stay and corporate housing. Some of our guests make a trip to San Antonio to stay with Dwelling Suites a vacation they look forward to. We have regulars who have been coming back since the days we opened our doors.

Our goal with corporate housing in San Antonio is to make it as comfortable and convenient for you as possible. We’ve improved the design of our website over the years because of this. We want to make your decisions easier so you can enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation or here for business, our goal is to make you feel welcome and comfortable while you stay with us.