The Cleanliest Places to Eat in San Antonio

No one wants to find a hair in their food or worry about how clean the kitchen is. If you are staying with us at Dwelling Suites for an extended stay in San Antonio, you already have beautiful, fully-equipped kitchen for your use. Of course that doesn’t mean you might not eat out from time-to-time.

If you are heading out for a bite and you want to make sure that their kitchen is as clean as yours here’s the down low of some of the cleanliest places to eat in San Antonio. inspections show San Antonio’s cleanest eateries for the week of Feb. 20, 2017 – San Antonio Express-News Fast food chains ruled the week in the latest edition of San Antonio’s cleanest restaurants.

Well-known pizza, chicken, taco and burger joints all pitched in with perfect scores, the latest inspection reports show.

Each week we examine hundreds of restaurant inspections conducted by the San Antonio Food and Environmental Health Services division to sift out the dirtiest and cleanest restaurants around San Antonio.

Click through the above slideshow to see the establishments who earned perfect health inspection scores during the past week.


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How are You Coping with the Crazy Weather?

San Antonio has been hit with some tornadoes that have caused damage to hundreds of homes but, thankfully, only minor injuries have been reported. We at Dwelling Suites are glad that you are all okay.

It seems that the despite the damaging effects of the storm some people decided to get on social media to tell is what the thought when it happened. Weather can be unpredictable but it looks like some of you are making the most out of a bad situation. Stay safe out there, San Antonio. Antonio takes to social media to laugh off February tornadoes, storms – San Antonio Express-News While tornadoes were destroying parts of San Antonio Sunday night, many rode out the storm on Twitter, making jokes about things like the bizarre weather changes, and moms angry about missing TV novelas.

The National Weather Service confirmed multiple tornadoes touched down in the area Sunday. More than 100 homes were damaged and only minor injuries were reported, according to local officials.

When weather alerts rang out on smartphones across the city, many took the warning seriously and sought shelter. But others took it as a joke and headed online to laugh about the impending storm. Read more…



Are you looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day dinner spot?

You put it off till the very last minute, you forgot, or your other plans fell through.  We’ve all been there scrambling at the last minute to put together some plans for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner. If you are still figuring it out don’t worry, Dwelling Suites is here to give you some ideas. most popular San Antonio restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2017 – San Antonio Express-News Open Table, a dining reservation site, hosts a list of top-rated eateries that allow customers to book their dinner dates online. In doing so, the website generates a number of bookings made each day.

The most-booked places on the popular reservation site for Valentine’s Day 2017 range from the downtown area to Stone Oak. Open Table told many larger businesses have higher bookings simply because they have a higher capacity.

For more options on where to woo your loved one, Open Table pointed to their list of the “most romantic” restaurants in the city. The company said the list was compiled based off verified-diner reviews.

To see the list of most popular, most-booked restaurants this year, check out the gallery above.


Get out there and add some fun to your week

One of the reasons we love offering a place for extended stay in San Antonio is because there is always so much to do here. If you are staying with us at Dwelling Suites there are always tons of opportunities to add some fun into your schedule.

Check out some awesome things that are going on this week. fun things to do in San Antonio this week – San Antonio Express-News The rodeo is the center of the San Antonio entertainment world this week, with concerts coming up by a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and a country music legend. Unless you have a pirate costume hanging in the back of your closet, in which case you’ll be looking forward to a rare S.A. appearance on Wednesday by New Wave icon Adam Ant.

Click through the slideshow above for details on these and more upcoming events, including a multi-night stand by a Southern-fried stand-up comedian.


Make the Most of Your Extended Stay in San Antonio

So you’ve made it to San Antonio and you are all moved and ready for your extended stay in your fully-furnished, suite at Dwelling Suites. Now it’s time to go out see all of the great things that San Antonio has to offer.

Our friends over at Thrillist put together a list of 18 awesome free things in San Antonio, here are a few of our favorites.

Free fun on the museum grounds
Revel in the the McNay’s beautiful scenery every second Thursday of the month. Each event features a local band and beer courtesy of Crispin Ciders. If you happen to have a few bucks, you can purchase something delicious from an array of SA’s best food trucks. The options are pretty endless on Second Thursdays.

Go for a run on the Riverwalk
Maybe you’ve had three weekends of Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuits. If so, run off your regret on the Riverwalk. Start at the Pearl and run until you hit Houston St — turn around and grab a michelada from La Gloria when you’re done. San Antonio is literally the best.

Visit the missions
They were recently declared a World Heritage site so give them your admiration! Any self-respecting San Antonian has already checked out these historical landmarks, but in case you haven’t, this is your last warning. Go now.

Check out more ideas via


Stock Show Kick Off February 9

The San Antonio Stock show is coming to town and we don’t want you to miss it. If you are staying in our corporate housing at Dwelling Suites, between February 9-26 make sure you find some time to strap on some boots and check out this Texas tradition.

The rodeo kicks off on Thursday, February 9 when the grounds open at noon.

There are many events happening on opening day to help kick off Rodeo 2017 from the Cutting Horse Show to Carnival to the concerts.

Cody Johnson will kick off the entertainer lineup Thursday night at 7 p.m. Following him, this weekend will be Little Big Town on Friday, a Sam Hunt double-feature on Saturday and finish off with Maddie & Tae on Sunday.

For the full list of entertainers, you can click HERE.

For Thursday’s opening day schedule, you can click HERE.



Tips on Moving

So you’re moving to San Antonio…

Once you know what you’re bring with you during your stay in our corporate housing, you need to make sure you’re efficient and effective in your packing.

Luckily, we here at Dwelling Suites have some tips to make things easier:

  1. For your temporary living situation, make sure you can use as many reusable packing receptacles as possible. These can be plastic bins which you can stack in a closet during your stay, or a few trunks that you can then use as a coffee table and other decorative surfaces. Boxes shouldn’t be used more than once so it’s a good idea to invest in something much sturdier.
  2. Have a bin or bag of essentials that you can easily access before, during and after the move. If you use a bin, make sure it’s the last thing on the moving truck in case you need to get to it quickly. Things like toiletries and toilet paper should be in here – everything you’ll need in case you don’t feel like unpacking everything after a day of moving.
  3. Cover the openings of leakable items with saran wrap and then screw the lid back on. This will help prevent any spills in transit.
  4. PACKING – Figure out the best packing system that works for you. Labeling with the items in the box AND the room it goes in will save a ton of time. Remember to label the sides of the boxes and not the tops. You can also get different colored duct tape and make a color-coded system for each room.
  5. RESERVATIONS – Make your reservations for movers as soon as possible. It’s best to call two to four weeks before the move date.
  6. SNACKS – Get plenty of snacks for the day you move. The last thing you need is to move while everyone is hungry and angry – or “hangry,” if you will.

Once you get to San Antonio, you can relax because you were prepared for your move.

For more information and to make reservations, call us at (210) 804-0200

Top 6 Places to Eat in San Antonio

Welcome to San Antonio!

Now that you’ll be living in San Antonio for a while, we think you should get acquainted with the city and your neighborhood.

Your stay in corporate housing doesn’t need to keep you indoors all the time, so let’s get you familiar with some places to eat near Dwelling Suites.

A few eateries down the street:

  • Seoul Garden is traditional Korean cuisine with touches of Asian fusion. Their extensive menu should have something for everyone.
  • The Longhorn Cafe has the All-American menu you’ve been looking for. Their rustic atmosphere will be fun for the whole family. Check them out here.
  • If you’re looking for some Mexican food, Taqueria Cazadores is also down the street. They’re family-owned and have live music on Friday nights.

There are also plenty of fast food options along the highway, which is a quick drive from your rental.

When you’re feeling adventurous and would like to head Downtown, here some options for you:

  • Bliss offers contemporary American cuisine. Its upscale menu is reflected by its prices, so save Bliss for a special occasion.
  • A cheaper – but just as delicious – option is The Station Cafe. People rave about their Turkey Chupacabra!
  • If you’re looking for a dark bar with great food, head to Esquire Tavern, which opened in 1933 to celebrate the end of Prohibition.

If you’d like some more recommendations, give us a call at (210) 804-0200

What to Bring While Staying in Corporate Housing

Welcome to San Antonio!

When you come into one of our corporate housing units, your comfort is our number one priority. We provide great amenities that will make you feel right at home, but only you know what really makes a house your home.

Therefore, it’s important to keep a few things in mind while you’re packing:

The kitchen tends to be one of the more difficult rooms to be prepared for. You’ll have access to a full kitchen when you’re staying with us, but if there are specific pots and/or pans that you use on a regular basis, bring them with you. The same goes for any other small appliance you may own, such as a juicer or a crockpot. Be sure to bring only the necessary items, though. You don’t need to bring your whole kitchen with you.

Your bathroom is another room that will need some planning. Toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner can be bought whenever, but you should bring smaller personal items that are more permanent. These items include hair brushes, curling irons, nail clippers, and first-aid kits. You should also triple-check that any medications you’ll need are with you.

Your clothing should be kept to a minimum if you can help it, but make sure you’re prepared for every type of weather you may encounter in San Antonio. We may have a warmer climate with snow being very uncommon, but we do have cooler, rainy seasons that you should prepare for during your extended stay. Have a few jackets and/or cardigans on hand for surprise weather.

Other things you should bring with you include:

  • Documents such as insurance policies, medical records, passports, birth certificates
  • Small tools for minor repairs – screwdrivers, a flashlight, pocket knife, etc.
  • Valuables such as jewelry, photos, family heirlooms, and artwork
  • Electronics and their chargers

Ultimately, what you decide to bring with you and leave in storage are up to you, but we hope our suggestions will help the process. Just remember that the more you bring with you, the more complicated the moving process can get, which is why we offer so many services and amenities during your stay.

Be sure to call ahead of time to make sure you won’t be bringing an item we already have in your unit, especially with the appliances.

(210) 804-0200

Great Bike Rides in San Antonio

Welcome to San Antonio!

You’ve recently moved into San Antonio’s corporate housing at Dwelling Suites – now what?

Now it’s time to venture out into your new surroundings! What better way to see what the city of San Antonio has to offer than on a bike? Travel around the city on your own terms by strolling around on a bicycle and taking in the scenery.

If you didn’t bring a bike with you, you can support local by going here to start your journey:

  • Academy Sports + Outdoors – A great place for inexpensive bikes, helmets and gear, these sports enthusiasts can be the first locals to welcome you to San Antonio and give you a few more insights on your biking adventures.

Once you’ve made friends with some local sport enthusiasts and have made sure you’re all geared up for your bike excursion, it’s time to hit the trailheads.

  • HemisFair Park – Start in the heart of downtown San Antonio, as you’re permitted to ride your bike along the perimeter sidewalks of this popular destination. Here you can park the bike for a bit while you tour the famous Tower of the Americas and scope out your next adventures. Market Square, Southtown, River Center Mall are all nearby. Remember, the Alamo is within riding distance from here, too!
  • O.P. Schnabel Park – Whether you bring a road bike or a mountain bike, this park on the northwest side of San Antonio has the perfect trail for you. A wooded area within the city limits, many locals come here to have picnics, play sports or simply get away from the city life. It can get hot here, so it’s a refreshing ride underneath plenty of trees and shade. You might even catch some wildlife on your ride, as well. This park is a great place to geocache too, if that’s what you’re into – or wanting to start a new hobby.
  • Phil Hardberger Park – A great place to feed your wild side. This Conservancy offers more than just simple trails, it’s home to plenty of local flora and fauna that have been here since before The Alamo, as well as the famous Tricentennial Land Bridge. This park has an east side and a west side, separated by the highway and connected by the land bridge. On both sides of the park, you’ll find several other trails that branch from the park to other parks and greenways. You’ll definitely want to take your camera with you for this bike ride.
  • Robert L.B. Tobin Park – Located on the northeast side of San Antonio, this park is well-maintained by city grounds crews and security for your safety and enjoyment within the vicinity. Plenty of waterfronts and low creek crossings to keep you enjoying more of San Antonio’s natural side. Bike along the paths to find a statue of Mr. Tobin himself stationed inside the park. A lovely ride, however being from out of town be sure to bring a map as there aren’t a lot of signs and maps along the way. Don’t assume that the trail is a roundtrip – it’s not, so make sure you keep track of how long you’ve been riding, to know when to head back before too long.
  • Woodlawn Lake Park –  Nothing but smooth riding here. This old gem has just been renovated, keeping downtown San Antonio looking its best. Enjoy the cleaner lake, more lighted and patrolled areas as well as newly-polished bike trails and exercise equipment for you to keep yourself looking your best, too. This park is a great place to meet locals, escape from the 9-5 workday and listen to peaceful, relaxing sounds from the surroundings. Remember to keep in mind which trails are for riding and which are for walking.
  • McAllister Park – Enjoy the many non-paved trails and natural scenes while they still last – the City of San Antonio is soon to build more baseball fields that will take out the nature preserves, so take advantage of them before they’re gone. McAllister Park is one of the oldest ones in the downtown area of San Antonio and you’ll definitely feel its character and see plenty of wildlife here, as you ride your bike through the non-paved and soon-to-be paved trails.
  • Mission San Jose Visitor Center – A bike ride to remember for all you history buffs out there. Take your time and take in this historical National Park, with 4, 18th Century Spanish-built Catholic churches and a visitor’s center to learn all about them. There’s no better way to learn about San Antonio’s history and culture than to experience it firsthand in this fashion.
  • Leon Creek Greenway –  This San Antonio park is a tranquil oasis through the western part of San Antonio. The main pathway winds its way south for about 13 miles along the creek. It’s fairly flat with some gentle slopes and is dotted with a few small ponds, including Earl Scott Pond near its northern end, which is home to a variety of birds and wildlife. The trail runs adjacent to many parks, including O.P. Schnabel Park, known for its natural beauty, steep cliffs, and many amenities, including athletic fields, picnic tables, nature trails, and a YMCA facility.

WHEW! This list should keep you busy riding through your extended stay in San Antonio. There’s plenty of nature, wildlife, people and trails to enjoy, all while staying close to “home.” This list of bike trails and parks may “TIRE” you out, so we have the perfect spot to unwind after your big adventures.

  • The Friendly Spot – Could you think of a better name for a place to finish your bike journey through San Antonio? Make new friends, sip on some of the finest brews San Antonio (and surrounding areas) has to offer, taste a perfect mix of Mexican and American food favorites and take in the friendly atmosphere. Open until 12am, you can take your time sitting back, relaxing and socializing. This place is dog-friendly, too in case the pup wants to join in on the fun.