At some point in their lives, many people can find themselves in a particular situation that requires finding some form of temporary housing. There are many life changing circumstances, such as relocating, changing your job, pursuing education etc. that may put you in this situation.

Temporary housing represents a short-term living arrangement and it exists to offer people a home-like living experience, during their stay. Temporary housing is also known as short-term accommodation, short-term housing, corporate housing, corporate apartments, serviced apartments, executive apartments or short-term rental. All these terms design pretty much the same thing – a living arrangement for a certain period of time (typically up to 2-3 months), in a fully furnished apartment, where all you need to bring is your personal belongings.

Temporary housing is more affordable than extended-stay hotels, so it has lots of different clients: traveling medical personnel, business interns, people in the entertainment industry, consultants, project managers, auditors, contracted programmers and more. Sometimes, people affected by a disaster may also need a temporary living arrangement, or a different need to look to short term rentals San Antonio offers, while their home is being restored.

When you must travel and live away from home for a while, it can be a real burden to make separate arrangements for housing, furniture, utilities etc. Opting for temporary housing is much more convenient, since you get everything.