Changes In The Lodging Industry Executive Apartments And Hotels

The hospitality industry has changed tremendously in the last few years. This change was brought about by the concept of renting out your house for a short period of time. The concept, created and promoted by Air BnB, had a major impact on the entire lodging business, in every country.


Here are some key changes:


  1. There Is an App for That

Travel agencies tend to get replaced by apps. People are always on the move and the smartphone has become the primary device for accessing the internet. Apps are easier to use compared to a website and offer a more personalized experience.


  1. More Payment Options

You don’t have to worry whether your credit card will be accepted or not at your destination hotel or hostel. The lodging industry now offers various means of payments, including mobile pay and, in some location, even payment with crypto-currencies (like the Bitcoin).


  1. Standardized Quality for Each Price Tier

When you get to a 3-star hotel, or the choice executive apartments San Antonio TX offers, you know exactly what you can expect to find in the room: free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, complimentary toiletries, etc. And it does not matter whether you are in New York, London, Buenos Aires or Melbourne. Online booking services compelled the lodging industry to create standard quality and service for the money they charge.