Corporate housing is accommodation that the company’s employees can use for short or medium-term stays such as for a few months. Corporate housing solutions combine the comfort of private apartments with the services, convenience and the availability of services – here are some of the possible options:

  • Extended stay hotels – this residential-style accommodation is provided by budget hotels and offers not only lodgings, but services such as cleaning, housekeeping, laundry and parking;
  • Serviced apartments – these are fully equipped and furnished apartments San Antonio offers with complete kitchens and living rooms, with facilities such as room service and fitness centers available for corporate employees. The size of the apartments range from single-room lodgings to multiple-bedroom housing that can be comfortably shared by the employees of the renting company;
  • Furnished apartments – the difference between this form of accommodation and standard rentals is that furnished apartments are available for shorter stays, such as a few weeks or months;
  • Standard hotel rooms – the most expensive solution of all corporate housing options, but even so, it is one that is frequently chosen by corporations, especially for members of the leadership or of the board or for high-profile managers. It is a good solution for really short stays that last for only a few days.