Creative Ways To Remember VacationsTravel journals are the main tool through which a geographic and / or cultural space can be reconstituted by memories and facts that have taken place during the owner`s traveling reported in the journal. A travel journal is like a logbook that tells about past experiences that may help in the future to the imaginative transposition of a certain place and time.

In a travel journal, the owner writes/ tells about facts and actions lived in various places and settlements that have a great significance for the entire traveling experience, as well as things they want to remember.

Travel journals include all kind of small details that contribute significantly to the reproduction of the space chosen as a place of visit or transit, the sequence of facts defines the space and feelings reflected by that place on the life of the protagonist who perfects the writing of the journal as the main tool of imaginative cinematic reflection.

Travel journals are creative in excellence and offer not only a space where you can write travel logs, but also a great space for literary writing or, why not, artistic creation (for example, in the case of mixed media journals).

Another idea to document your travel experiences is to create a scrapbooking album and incorporate creatively all kind of maps of the visited places, subway tickets, access tickets etc. as well as written information.  For wonderful travel accomodations see