Short Term Apartments And Foodies Go Hand In Hand

San Antonio is quickly becoming a major attraction for foodies, especially for those in short term lease apartments San Antonio has to offer. The city has some great places to satiate an empty stomach and first-time visitors should explore the city’s menu in detail. Here are some delicious foods to try while visiting San Antonio and to make things less frustrating, the places of where to find them is also listed.


Puffy Tacos – Henry’s Puffy Tacos

Tacos are a popular dish in general and there are many ways to prepare them. Unlike other places, San Antonio has Puffy Tacos. Puffy Tacos have become the city’s signature dish and some say they have become San Antonio’s unofficial mascot.


People that come to the city should not avoid these amazing tacos, which are a perfect balance between soft and crunchy tacos and the best place to find them would be Henry’s Puffy Tacos.


Tagliolini – Battalion’s

Searching for Italian cuisine in San Antonio is a challenge. For pasta lovers, their stop should be at the Battalion’s. The pasta made there has received praise from food critics such as Patricia Sharpe, a Texas Monthly editor, and critic.


The pasta is made by Elena D’Agostino, an Italian native working there. The restaurant is home to the most amazing tagliolini which are drowned in Italian tomato sauce and spinach prepared with great care by Elena D’Agostino.


Short Rib Noodles – Botika

A fan of Asian foods? Consider taking a trip to Botika, one of the newest restaurants in San Antonio. The restaurant is already one of the most popular places in the city where Geronimo Lopez, a south American chef- and owner of Botika offers an impressive menu to choose from.


Botika is a meeting place for many Asian and South American dishes. People should try some spicy eggplant noodles, a combination of grilled tofu, bok choy, ginger-garlic stir-fry, hazelnuts, and fresh herbs.



Plate Lunch Combo – Aloha Kitchen

Those who seek Hawaiian dishes should pay a visit to Aloha Kitchen, located near Fort Sam Houston. The plate lunch is a combination of white rice, a mixture of pork and chicken meat, macaroni salad on one side and a mix of vegetables placed graciously on the other side.


Aloha Kitchen prides itself with the dish and for foodies seeking out the best dishes in San Antonio should not miss this Hawaiian delicacy.


Mangonada – Andrew’s Heavenly Ice

We will finish our journey of hunger with some Mangonada. Mangonadas are a cold and delicious Mexican treat. The entire treat is made of natural ingredients which mostly consist of mangos, lime juice, chamoy sauce, and chili powder.


This Mexican ice cream has become a very popular treat in san Antonio and can easily be found around the city. Andrew’s Heavenly Ice is known to prepare some incredible Mangonadas that everybody should experience before leaving the city.


As said before, San Antonio’s diverse menu deserves to be experienced by every food fanatic visiting the city. This list has only scratched the surface of the many diverse foods and unique restaurants available inspired by different cultures from all over the world.