At Dwelling Suites,  we are not your standard hotel. We specialize in fully furnished apartments and extended stay in San Antonio. Our rentals are perfect if you are planning on a longer trip and you want your hotel to feel more like your home. Do you know

Extended Stay Hotels vs. Hotels Whether in town for business or pleasure, people who intend to stay around for some time should consider choosing an extended stay hotel over a traditional hotel. Doing so makes it possible to enjoy a range of benefits that are difficult to secure with a regular hotel. In the end, you’ll find that having accommodations that feel more like home make it much easier to enjoy the day and come back to the hotel for some downtime and relaxation.

The Cost of Extended Stay Hotels While traditional hotels are fine if you plan on flying in and staying for a few days, they can be quite expensive for anyone who needs to remain in town for several weeks. Rather than spending all that money, it makes sense to locate a comfortable extended stay hotel and set up temporary housekeeping there.

It doesn’t matter why you are going to be around for a few weeks. For business people, residing at an extended stay hotel means that employers will enjoy the fact that the cost of the trip can be kept under a certain amount. If you happen to be staying in town for a long vacation, the money you save can easily be diverted to other pursuits, such as exploring the nightlife or seeing everything that the area has to offer.

Cooking During the Trip With traditional hotels, suites often include refrigerators, microwave ovens and coffee makers. While that’s fine for snacks, it doesn’t really help out much if you want a home cooked meal. By staying in an extended stay hotel, you can have access to a fully functional kitchen and cook whenever you like.

Even with smaller suites in extended stay facilities, you can look forward to having a galley kitchen that includes all the essentials. Along with the items usually provided at traditional hotels, you’ll also find an oven, range top and a few pots and pans on hand for your use.

While eating out is a lot of fun, it can eventually become tiresome if done day after day. This option can also get a little expensive. The ability to buy food and prepare it in your suite not only means you can fix something while relaxing in the evenings, but also makes it possible to keep your food budget to a reasonable level.

Personalized Services Most extended stay hotels will provide personalized services that are not necessarily available at more traditional hotels. For example, you can customize the message for your voice mail, something that most other types of hotels do not allow. For guests who are planning to stay for at least a week, postal mail services can also be established. You will often have the choice of using laundry services provided by the management or washing and drying your clothes at a coin operated Laundromat on the premises.

Between the ability to feel at home and the fact that the overall cost is very competitive with other forms of lodging, it pays to consider an extended stay hotel if you plan on being in town for a week or more. Check different hotels in town and find one that is located in an area you like and offers the amenities that will help you settle in comfortably. read more at