Planning A Vacation In Advance

If your trip is already booked and the day of the departure is approaching fast, here are some tips for you to make it easier for you to pack everything you need and nothing you don’t need:


  • Consider the length of your stay – if you stay for only a week, starting the preparations one week before the trip should be enough, but for longer trips, two or three weeks ahead is best. Start the process making a list, then review and revise your list to cut off anything that is not necessary. Allow yourself time for shopping – buy travel sized cosmetic products and disposable items that don’t take up too much space in your luggage. Don’t exaggerate when it comes to clothes – you won’t need five evening gowns or four pairs of jeans, but you will need a top for each day and at least two pairs of comfy shoes. For longer stays call places that offer great accommodations like Dwelling Suites and multiply the amount of clothes or consider ways to clean your clothes during the trip;
  • Consider the weather and the challenges – take your time to figure out the weather you will need to prepare for and the outdoor adventures you might want to take part in, then evaluate your wardrobe and go shopping if you think that you need trekking clothes or golfing shoes.