Renting Furnished Short Term Lease While Traveling

Traveling, even to near or distant places, is no longer reserved only for the rich. You can find cheap flights to almost every corner of the States and in between. And once you get there, you can find affordable short term lease San Antonio lodging and other cities round the globe.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing furnished apartments over hotels, money wise:


  1. They Are Cheaper

Hotels have lots of expenses: the salaries and benefit of the staff, maintenance, corporate tax – and still have to make a substantial profit to satisfy the shareholders. These aspects do not apply to furnished apartments. Plus, you can even negotiate the price for longer stays (over 1 week).


  1. Spend Less on Food

Furnished apartments have a kitchen with all the appliances and utensils you need to store food and cook. Thus, instead of paying a lot on restaurant meals, you can enjoy the food you love and even try a few local recipes.


  1. No Need to Pay the Resort Tax

Resort taxes are charged by hotels as part of the local effort to maintain and clean up areas with lots of tourists. Depending on the country or city, these resort taxes can be significant. Furnished apartments are usually located away from crowded resorts, so they are exempt from this tax.