Traveling ChecklistTraveling is exciting, but it will only live up to the expectation if you are fully prepared. This means making sure that you bring with you the adequate amount of luggage and leave your home in good order.


These are the most important elements of a traveling checklist:


  1. The Home

Before you leave, make sure that your house plants and pets will be taken care of. If you travel for a longer period, it is wise to suspend some of your subscriptions (press, TV, internet, telephone). Always have a trusted person in charge to take care of emergency situations (fire, flood, etc.).


  1. The Destination

What kind of documents you need to lawfully enter the country? For instance, in some countries you can obtain the visa directly at the airport. In other cases, you must obtain it beforehand from the embassy or consulate. What kind of currency do they use? Is your currency accepted? Do they accept your type of credit or debit card?  If you are staying for a while, at one of the month to month apartments San Antonio rents, some of your list can always be fulfilled locally during your stay.


  1. The Luggage

There are three main types of items you will pack: clothes, toiletries and others. Others cover everything from the children’s toys to the valuables you want to carry with you. To lighten your luggage, you can find travel-sized toiletries such as shaving foam, toothpaste and face creams. As for the clothes, remember that you won’t resist doing some shopping at the destination, so don’t pack your luggage to the limit.