Furnished Apartments Close To Site Seeing Destinations

Camera phones and compact digital cameras have revolutionized travel photos and the result is that people are taking nowadays a huge number of pictures during their trips and load them on social networks every day.

But if we are to be honest, the vast majority of people could really use some tips on how to make better pictures.

Here are a few suggestions coming from specialists.


  • Take your pictures in natural light (be it strong or dim) and do not use the flash, especially if you are not an experienced photographer.
  • If you still do not know much about photography, do not invest in an expensive camera. This is perhaps the most widespread cliché: believing that with a better device (aka more expensive) you can make better pictures. Those expensive devices do not take pictures on their own, so instead of spending a lot of money on purchasing them, you would better continue taking photos and experiencing the settings of your phone or of the basic photo camera you own.
  • Do not cut parts from the subject of a photo, no matter what it is. Do not cut people’s feet (nor heads, for that matter…), nor the top or the foundation of a building.  Taking pictures from the balcony of San Antonio furnished apartments where you stay can provide wonderful back drops if it faces the river walk in downtown.
  • Do not place the subject in the middle of the picture. One of the rules of photography is the “Rule of Thirds”. It involves drawing mentally 2 equidistant vertical lines and 2 equidistant horizontal lines, to divide the picture into 9 equal areas. The intersections of these lines create four points of interest, where you should place your subject.