San Antonio is a lively and exciting city that has a lot to offer to visitors and locals alike – here are some interesting facts that will surely convince you that it is the best place in the world:

  • San Antonio gets over 30 million visitors a year, which not only makes it the most visited city in the entire state of Texas, but it also ranks 17th on the list of the most visited places in the entire USA;
  • It gives home to the second oldest park in the US (San Pedro Park);
  • The city’s zoo is to the third largest zoo in the nation and it was the first cageless zoo in the US;
  • The city boasts the largest Mexican marketplace outside Mexico;9671802 - a white cowboy hat on a white background
  • The Tower of the Americas is 750 feet tall, which makes it taller than Seattle’s famous Space Needle and offers an extraordinary, panoramic view of the city and the surrounding area;
  • The nation’s biggest rodeos are in San Antonio; they also provide some of the nicest furnished apartments San Antonio bound cowboys say!
  • San Antonio residents love the iconic Mexican dish called tamales so much that they hold the world record for preparing the largest ever portion of the delicious dough bags filled with meats, fruits, cheeses, vegies and lots of other delights.