Travel By Plane Or Car

San Antonio can be reached on road as well as via air travel, the choice between the two depending on many factors – here are some:


  • The costs of driving – driving costs include the money spent on gas, road tolls, accommodation, if the distance is long and you need to spend one or more nights in hotels, avoiding, although nice monthly hotels San Antonio offers, as you go and the money you need to buy yourself food while on the road;
  • The costs of flying – an air ticket bought for a good price can be much cheaper than the costs of driving, but you will need to factor in car rental fees and baggage check-in fees as well;
  • The timeframe – if you can afford the financial part of the road trip as well as of the flight, your decision should be influenced by the time you can afford to spend travelling. Depending on the distance between the place you live or work and San Antonio, the road trip can take several days, while air flights take only a couple of hours from most airports;
  • Personal preferences – some people are scared of flying, others don’t like driving long distances and your decision between the two means should be informed by your comfort as well.