Staying Fit And Keeping Healthy

Temporary housing represents a great option for people who travel or must stay away from home for a while, regardless the reason. The average stay in these facilities is around 85 days, which is quite a long time to be away of your normal living environment. Although temporary housing offer similar conditions to those we have at home, people are not always able to eat healthy, exercise regularly etc., due to busy work or other priorities.

Keeping your body healthy while living in temporary housing should be a priority, so you must reconsider habits like staying up late or eating rapidly that you may be tempted to develop when you are away from home.

Here is what you need to keep up with for a healthy lifestyle, while living in temporary housing:

Your diet

Do not replace a healthy diet with fast food and high-calorie meals. If you do not have the time to cook, at least find some good bistros or restaurants in the area, where you can have a balanced meal.


Temporary housing facilities are often situated close to fitness centers, swimming pools or sport courts. Take advantage of this and keep up with your exercise regime.  Find out what other amenities are available