Self CareTraveling is exciting and great fun or, if it is for business purposes, it is essential for your career or for your business, but it is also tiring and makes it difficult to stick to your normal selfcare routine. Travelling can disrupt your daily routine in many ways, but don’t worry, you can restore your balance with a little attention paid to your needs. Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to hydration – though drinking more involves having to visit the toilet more often, staying properly hydrated while travelling is essential for your well-being, without it, your skin might become uncomfortably dry, you might start feeling tired sooner and you might experience digestion issues as well;
  • Keep comfort essentials with you – lip balm, a hand sanitizer, sunscreen, a sleeping mask and a moisturizer take up only small space in your hand luggage, but they are very important for your comfort;
  • Avoid jet lag – if you are travelling to a different time zone, start adjusting your sleeping routing a few weeks before you depart. Calculate the time difference between your home town and the destination and go to bed about half an hour earlier each day to allow yourself the time necessary for accommodating the time difference as easily as possible.  Always book ahead with month to month apartments San Antonio offers, and other stay acommodations.