Great Snack For Hotel Room StaysTraveling on a budget is possible if you plan ahead carefully. You don’t have to splurge to have a good time and discover a new destination. One way of saving money is bringing along some snacks to your lodging accommodation. This saves you from the need to going to a restaurant for all the meals of the day.


Here are some of the most popular types of snacks other travelers bring with them:


  1. Instant Mac N Cheese

This is a traditionally beloved nursery meal and some of us never stop loving it. Apart from being a satisfying hot meal, Mac n Cheese is easy to prepare. You just need a coffee pot and a portable cooking stove. In a few minutes, dinner is ready and you can settle down to watch a movie with your family.


  1. Crackers and Cereals

An ideal breakfast for the family: crackers or cereals with milk and a glass of fruit juice. Instead of spending 2-3 times more at the hotel restaurant, you can easily fix this simple and nutritious meal in your hotel room or cabin. Plus, you know exactly what brand of crackers and cereals your family loves.


  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Everyone loves the PBJ sandwich (and those who don’t, probably haven’t tried it yet). You will be wasting a whole day looking for an eatery that offers it on its menu, though. So, instead of paying a lot of money on other midday snacks, you can quickly fix something everyone will enjoy.


Please note, however, to ask before booking a hotel room on their policy on bringing food from outside.  Places such as San Antonio furnished apartments that offer extended stays, of course, do not have restrictions, and welcome you to make yourself at home.