New Products For Traveling

Traveling is a wonderful way to unwind and to get to know the world, but many travelers think that they must trade in comfort for the unforgettable experiences and wonderful memories they are in for. It’s especially not true when it comes to business travel either.  There are great San Antonio corporate housing services that make your stay enjoyable.  It doesn’t have to be so – the following great new products have been invented to significantly reduce or, even better, to completely eliminate travel-related discomfort:

  • Collapsible bottle – the plastic pouch attached to a bottle cap is made from durable and resistant material and seals perfectly to allow you to stay hydrated wherever you are. You can fill it up with your favorite fruit juice or tea and when it is empty, you can simply fold it and put into your bag or attach it to the outside of your luggage.
  • Anti-theft bag – the protection of your items is essential in any trip. Fortunately, you can easily find a bag that features special, theft-protection closures to offer you the peace of mind that your valuables and your documents are safe.
  • Stretch shoe laces – very convenient when you are required to take off your shoes quickly for security checks and while in a vehicle as well, especially if your feet tend to become swollen.
  • Noise-cancelling ear plugs – whether you choose battery-operated buds or plugs made from soft, but resistant foam, these modern ear protection pieces are great if you want to get a good sleep during a long flight.