Dwelling Suites Offers Great Stays To Celebrate Father's Day

Father’s Day is getting close and finding a gift for your dad is in order. If choosing a present for your father is frustratingly difficult, you may also consider spending some quality time with him and offer him a day trip. For those living in San Antonio, there are plenty of opportunities.

In this article, we are going to suggest only a few of those related to the great outdoors.

Go fishing with your dad

If he is passionate about fishing, you can plan a daytrip to one of the nearby lakes (Miller’s Pond, South Side Lions Park etc.), grab some poles, make sure you have some bait and have a great time in the summer sunshine.

Be active

Biking with your dad and exploring downtown is another great activity for Father`s day.  You can rent your wheels at Bike World, for a few hours and even for the entire day.

Give your dad a tour of the city

If he has not visited San Antonio downtown in a while, Father`s day is a great opportunity to take your father on a tour. You can even choose to take a ride on a river boat cruise, gliding along Riverwalk.  For Hotel accommodations, look to https://dwellingsuites.com/.