Choose The Best

Accommodation that you can rent from month to month is an excellent solution for a number of situations – here are some:


  • Your home is under renovation – renovation projects are usually very costly, so the last thing you would need is to pay high hotel rates. Short-term housing is available for periods up to 6 months long and they are much cheaper and much more comfortable than hotel rooms, so they can solve your temporary housing problems until your home is ready;
  • You are on a longer business trips – many companies have recognized the benefits of short-term housing and they rent this type of accommodation for their employees on business trips;
  • Vacations – staying in a fully equipped apartment is an affordable and comfortable way to spend your vacation as well. Short-term leases are usually located in the most popular and most beautiful neighborhoods in cities and towns, so if you use this type of apartments, you can be sure that all the highlights and attractions will be within a stone’s throw;
  • Travelling businesses – if you are the owner of a business that travels from fair to fair and you need comfortable and affordable accommodation in the towns where you stop, in San Antonio furnished apartments are great monthly solution.