Extended stay hotels provide all the comfort that you need for affordable rates, making these facilities the preferred choice of those who need accommodation for a period that is longer than a few days, but are not looking for a permanent housing solution, such as for business people or for people who have moved out of their previous apartment and are waiting for their new home to be finished. Here are just a few of the advantages of these great budget hotels or motels:

  • Convenience – extended stay hotel rooms are fully equipped and include not only air conditioning, cable TV and internet access, but towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and other small items, giving you all the comfort you need during your stay and most of them also have their own parking lots that you can use without having to pay any extra;
  • Services – most hotels include housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services into their rates, so you will not need to do any housework while you are there,
  • Central locations – most extended stay hotels are located either downtown or in districts close to the town or city center, adding to the benefits of San Antonio corporate housing;
  • Extended stay hotels pay extra attention to security, guaranteeing safety for you as well as for your valuables.