Tips To Make A Home Away From Home

When you move to a short term apartment, you have to adapt to your surroundings and make the most of it. However, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make the place look more like home. So let’s take a look at exactly how you could do that:


  • Get temporary housing in an area that reminds you of home. If you’re from a place where there are lots of trees, consider one of the short term rentals San Antonio area apartments close to a park.
  • Another great tip for making your short term apartment look like home is to bring and buy items and decorations that remind you of home. A vase, a specific type of bottle opener, a lamp, some artwork – basically anything you have at home can be copied or brought in to make your new temporary apartment more hospitable.
  • Rent furniture that reminds you of home, and arrange it in a similar fashion. You don’t have to find the exact same furniture as long as the styling and finishes look similar. You can then arrange them as you please and make your rented short term apartment look and feel more and more like home.


Making your apartment look like home can be a great way to relieve stress levels and make you feel better, especially when you’re thousands of miles from your house and family.