Destination Dwelling Suites Travel With Gifts

The holiday season may put you in the situation of traveling with gifts that you plan to offer to your loved ones, when you arrive at your destination. In this case, you have to make sure that everything you have with you will also travel safely and reach the destination in one piece.

Here are ways to protect the presents you travel with.

  • Use bubble wrap foil generously. This way, you increase the chances that your gifts will remain intact upon arrival.
  • Make sure your gifts are not confiscated by TSA, so avoid things that you know are not allowed, as well as things that might look suspicious.
  • Do not wrap the gifts, because it will be even more difficult to transport them; you have time to do this when you reach your destination. However, if you do wrap them, put them in a hard shell luggage where they are not pressed or tossed around.
  • If you also have some valuable gifts, put them in your bag and keep them with you, not in the luggage compartment.

If this is too much for you, you can simply ship the gifts to your destination. You may also consider shipping insurance and this way you will have complete peace of mind.  Places like have accommodations to receive items ahead of your stay.