Costume Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is approaching fast, so if you are one of those people who like to prepare for holidays in time and to avoid having to run around in despair the day before the spooky party, looking for the costumes that others didn’t want, here are a few Halloween costume ideas that are typically San Antonio:


  • Taco – you can dress in a costume to act and look like the city’s favorite dish – you can rent the costume, but you can also make it yourself, it is not difficult and the process is great fun;
  • A bottle of beer – San Antonio is well-known for its excellent craft beer varieties. If you have a favorite, dress up in a beer bottle costume – your fav brewery will appreciate the free advertising or you can design your own beer label if you feel like it;
  • Zombie mariachi – a black suit, a white shirt stained with red paint that looks like blood, a black sombrero, some face paint, fake black teeth and a guitar is all you need for this creepy outfit;
  • A piñata – just get a large piñata, cut holes into it for your head, arms and legs and put it on. Make sure to remove all sticks from the party venue to avoid getting hit.  If you happen to be in San Antonio visiting relatives for the holiday, think about renting one of the nice San Antonio furnished apartments to enjoy your stay.