Choose Long Or Short Term Furnished ApartmentsEither taking a long vacation or going on a business trip, the use of short term housing seems to be gaining popularity in the past few years and many people use them as an alternative to hotel rooms. Short term housing functions the same as any hotel and they can be booked for any amount of time, from a few days to a few months.


Reasons for Short Term Housing

Short term housing can be used in many circumstances besides traveling such has looking for temporary lodging while renovating the current home, for example. Another reason would be while selling the current place and having somewhere to spend the time needed before purchasing a new property. Housing for those on business-related trips is also sough-after.


Major Housing Players

An example of short term furnished apartments San Antonio TX housing possibilities would be Airbnb, the popular online marketplace used by travelers all over the world. The platform started as an idea of former roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia during a time when they could hardly afford rent. It is the most used online platform for people to find short-term and long-term accommodations ranging from a few days to a few months.


Another major player is the German company Wimdu, Airbnb’s friendly neighborhood competitor. Unlike Airbnb, Wimdu’s main focus is in European countries and has over 300,000 registered properties. The properties offered are better suited for travel and holidays. Farmhouses, holiday homes, as well as treehouses are just some of the many accommodations offered by the company.


For business-related traveling, there is corporate housing such as 2nd Adress, which are fairly similar to short-term rentals. A different experience than Airbnb, corporate housing focuses on granting the traveler space where work can be done. A working line that relies heavily on short term housing is that of a traveling nurse. To have a general idea, data are taken from the Corporate Housing Providers Association suggests that 6% of corporate houses in the U.S. are being occupied by healthcare workers, of which traveling nurses are the majority.




The Staying Experience Itself

Travel experience is greatly affected by the type of lodging at your disposal, especially when the purpose of the travel is business-related. Finding the right short-term housing requires a bit of research and working with an agency will make the entire process more streamlined. Details such as the amount of time spent is a major factor in determining the quality of the lodging. The shorter the period that a person plans to stay, the higher the cost per month would be. Some short term houses come completely furnished while in others, people are required to bring their own furnishes.


Alternatives to hotels have made short-term housing rise in popularity in just a few years. They offer more unique experiences than regular hotels with a more “homey” feel to them. Besides the unique experience for regular travelers, there are also more premium options for business-related travel in the form of corporate houses that people can make use of.