Popularity Rising On Furnished Apartments And Hotels Monthly


People travel a lot these days, either for business or for pleasure. And in many cases they spend a significant amount of time at their destination: a month or even longer. This gave rise to a new type of accommodation – the monthly hotels, also known as the extended stay hotels, you can also find great furnished apartment rentals San Antonio rents monthly.


Here are some reasons why they are growing in popularity:


  1. They Are Furnished Like a Real Home

Monthly hotel owners take care to make their long term guests feel at home. Each hotel has a homey style in furnishings and décor – a far cry from the impersonal looking hotel room. This aspect is very important for your inner sense of comfort and even helps get over jet lag faster.


  1. Freedom to Eat When You Want

Isn’t it annoying when restaurant meal hours do not correspond with your eating hours? This won’t be an issue in a monthly hotel, because you also have a kitchenette available, where you can cook your meal or store your favorite snacks and cold drinks.


  1. Feels Like Home, But It’s Managed Like a Hotel

In a monthly hotel one thing is different from home: you don’t have to wash your laundry or take out your garbage. Housekeeping services are provided by the hotel. Compared to this, if you choose an Air BnB apartment, you do have to take care of the usual chores.