Alleviate Travel Anxiety

Traveling is fun for some, and worrisome for others – at least during their first long distance journeys. Travel anxiety is something normal, especially if it involves flying over continents and oceans. However, there are a few simple things you can do to get over it and enjoy the experience.


Here they are:


  1. Take Your First Flight with an Experienced Flier

Do not embark on your first long distance flight alone. Anyway, travel is more fun with family and friends around you. An experienced flier will walk you through the check-in process and explain to you that the noises and vibrations you experience during take-off are normal. Plus, they can keep you engaged in conversation, and you won’t even know how time flew and you arrived at your destination.


  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques

You don’t need an instructor to practice a few basic relaxation techniques. One of them is breathing deeply, holding your breath for a few seconds and then slowly releasing it. After you repeat this a few times, you will feel more relaxed. Another thing you can do is prepare a compilation of relaxing music and listen to it throughout the journey.


  1. Remind Yourself Why You Are Traveling

You want to visit a dear friend who lives abroad. You want to embark on your first European tour. You want to go to that picture perfect beach where you can relax under the sun.


Stop focusing on the journey itself and picture your happiness and fulfillment once you reach your destination. Stay at one of the furnished apartments in San Antonio to enjoy a home away from home.  This is enough to make you stop worrying and look forward to your travel.