Decorating a short-term apartment is not easy – you want to make the apartment feel like home, but you are not allowed to make any major changes and you don’t want to spend a fortune on the decorations because you will probably move out in a few weeks. Some apartments like those that Dwelling Suites offers are nicely decorated and don’t require much.  However, hanging a piece of art on the wall or getting a colorful rug can make all the difference, so here are a few decoration tips for short-term rentals:


  • Use wall art – a large piece of wall art, such as a poster, can completely change the appearance of your room without any permanent change. You don’t even need to drill holes for nails in the wall, double-sided tape is a perfect fastener;
  • Use throw pillows – they are cheap, they come in many different colors and you can also play with the textures of the fabric the pillow cases are made from;
  • A decorative rug – rugs are great for adding color to your room as well as for concealing unattractive flooring sections;
  • Use mirrors – a large mirror in a decorative frame is not only a surface that reflects your image, it is also a great item to add personality to your room. Mirrors are the favorite décor elements used by interior decorators to open up small spaces as well, so if your room is small, you can easily make it look and feel larger with a few well-placed mirrors.