Portable Christmas Decorations In A Stylish Box

Decoration is an essential component of the holidays, whether you live in a large family home or in temporary housing and both can be embellished easily, only the approach needs to be a bit different. Here are a few tips for easy decorations to help you get into the holiday mood in your temporary apartment:

  • Don’t use decorations that leave a permanent mark – avoid decorations that require drilling holes in walls or wall decorations that can only be fixed with some very harsh glue;
  • Get a small Christmas tree – smaller trees can be just as beautifully decorated as large ones, but you will have fewer boxes filled with decorations before and after the holidays, which will make moving out easier;
  • Get a wreath and some colorful garlands, too – they are a staple for the holidays;
  • If you have a mantel, get some large stockings for the smaller gifts;
  • Get some twinkle lights – these inexpensive items are available everywhere around the holidays and they are great for spreading the holiday mood. You can use them as they are or you can place them into colorful glass jars or vases for an even more cozy, more festive appearance.  For Temporary housing in Texas, see https://www.dwellingsuites.com/.