Comfortable Relaxing Time To Journal At Dwelling Suites

The best way to live again the enjoyable experience of a trip, a city tour, or an entire vacation is to keep a travel journal. It is a “place” where you can write everything you remember about  your travels, your feelings about various aspects related to them as well as the new things you have learned. It is a collection of adventures, stories, but also memories in other forms: postcards, photos, leaflets, tickets etc.

How to write: Here are some necessary tips

  • Use the first person

The protagonist is you, therefore the experience must be narrated in the first person. Say and share your personal story with potential readers. Do not simply write a report or a documentary text… Record a fragment of your life! Be yourself!

  • Create a balance between information and emotions

You can be quite precise with your information while also expressing the emotions you want to transmit.

  • Think about the destination of your journal

Is it a private journal that you prefer to keep secret or it will be shown to friends and relatives or even published on the web? Your answers to these questions can influence some of the information you want to include in your stories. Even the narrative tone and style will be influenced by your choices.

  • Book a moment of writing during your trip

If your trip is packed up wit activities and you have too little time to take notes in real time, try to reserve an hour a day to write, perhaps at the end of the day, when you can relax for a few moments.  Find relaxing stay accommodations through Dwelling Suites, and enjoy your evening quiet time.