Tips To See How Much You Can SaveUntil recently, air travel used to be the most expensive form of traveling that only the rich could afford. Fortunately, this is no longer the case – with a little planning and with the right approach, you can get great deals and travel by air for cheaper than you would on land. Here is how you can save money on your airfare:


  • Start looking for tickets early – booking your flight weeks or even month before the planned date for departure is the best way to make sure you get the best price. It is a good idea to use more than one online comparison engine to search for the best deal and you should also try navigating in anonymous mode for better results;
  • Consider budget airlines – low-cost airlines use smaller airports and they depart either early in the morning or late at night, but if you are willing to put up with these features, you can save a lot;
  • Look for last minute deals – great air fares are available not only for early birds, but for late risers as well. Many airlines make discounted tickets available a few days before the departure to sell the seats they still have left, so checking air ticket prices right before your planned departure is a good idea as well;
  • Consider using a small airport – ticket prices might vary depending on the airport, too, so check the fares not only from your local airport, but also from the airports in neighboring cities.  Look at San Antonio furnished apartments close to your destination, to help save money too!