Happy Family Travelling Tips

Going on vacation and staying at a nice short term rentals San Antonio has with your family is fun. When you get away from the daily grind, you get the chance to bond better with your spouse and children and spend quality time together. But that happens once you reach your destination. Until then, you will have to survive air travel with your family in tow.

This has all the chances to turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan carefully. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Involve the Children in the Packing Process

All children have favorite objects that soothe them and make them feel safe. It’s a stuffed toy or a blanket or an item of clothing. Make sure they see that you packed it. Also, if they are old enough, allow them to choose the clothes and toys they want to take with them. This will lessen the chance of throwing a big tantrum on the day of departure, with the risk of missing the flight.

  1. Be At the Airport Early

When you travel with the family (including toddlers and babies) there are all the chances that you will be delayed. The baby needs the diaper changed. Another kid is fascinated by the posters on the airport walls and won’t budge. The only safe option is to arrive at the airport a few hours before check-in. This will give you and your spouse plenty of time to prepare your children for the actual flight and deal with their changing moods.

  1. Bring Something to Entertain the Children during the Flight

Flying is boring for adults – imagine how it is for an active child. And when kids get bored, they express their displeasure by screaming. Very loudly. Enough to make all the other passengers hate you. To avoid this situation, make sure your kids have something to do, like coloring a book or watching cartoons on a tablet until they thankfully fall asleep.