Understanding the benefits of corporate housing is an important key to learning all about what best fits your needs when it comes to moving to a temporary housing establishment. If you don’t own a business, corporate housing can be somewhat expensive, but the good news is you can still get it for yourself even if you’re not on a business trip.


Corporate housing is a special type of housing that involves renting out furnished apartments, houses or condos that are primarily suited for corporations and military personnel. As an alternative to regular hotels, corporate housing works well in terms of offering added comforts, as well as special amenities and technologies that would best suit businesses and corporations.  Companies like Dwelling Suites in San Antonio offer many housing options depending on your specific needs.


Unlike regular extended stay hotels and temporary housing establishments, corporate housing offers full customer service, larger square footage and a better set of options when it comes to the amenities you can choose.


As a regular individual, you are free to use corporate housing should you want to. While most people opt for extended stay hotels and other temporary housing services, corporate housing is still a great choice if you want more for your money, or if you’re interested in starting your own business in the area where you’re setting up your temporary base of operations.