Rainy Winter Day In TexasThe climate in San Antonio, Texas is transitional humid subtropical. Summers here are quite long, hot and humid, while winters are mild to cool. The other two seasons are mostly warm and rainy.

February weather in particular is characterized by a few subfreezing nights, sleet and, rarely, you can also witness freezing rain. Snow is not uncommon, although snow accumulation is rare. In some years, this month passes with almost no freezing precipitations at all.  So if you are away on business and staying at one of the month to month apartments San Antonio offers bring warm clothing to go from one place to another, but don’t worry about having to shovel snow.

In February 2017, a tornado occurred within the city limits. The probability of such weather phenomena occurring during this time of the year is estimated to once every five years. In most of the cases, we are talking about F2 tornados. The last big tornado (F4) occurred in 1973, but was in April. And speaking of extreme weather, in early February 1951, an arctic outbreak produced cold of long duration, but it is recorded as a rather isolated event.

Other statistic information about February weather in San Antonio:

  • The average high temperature – 66°F
  • The average low temperature – 41°F
  • The average rainfall – 2.1″
  • The average rainfall days – 7 days
  • The average daylight – 11h
  • The average UV index – 6