Holiday trips are great, joyful opportunities to meet family and friends, but most of us dread the packing for the trip. When it comes to packing, we all decide to be reasonable this time, to pack only clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the time of the year, then most of us end up packing in pieces that we haven’t worn in years and items that are completely useless, but heavy and bulky. To avoid the stress, here are a few tips about how to pack efficiently for your next holiday trip:

  • Don’t do it in a hurry – taking your time to select the right clothes and accessories is the best way to make reasonable decisions;
  • Make a list – consider packing outfits, rather than random items of clothing. Try to anticipate the types of events that you will be attending during your trip and match the number and the style of your outfits to the style and type of those events;
  • Take only one pair of jeans – pick your best and most comfortable pair, you will not need more denim;
  • Take only comfortable shoes that you can take long walks in – ballroom shoes might be beautiful, but the holidays are about being comfortable, so you should probably leave them at home.  If you are staying in one of the luxury furnished apartments in San Antonio, there is no need to pack your favorite pillow, otherwise pack that too.