Taking A Trip To San Antonio

The weather in San Antonio is great the year around, with temperatures never dropping under 41 degrees (5 °C) and rarely climbing to over 63 degrees (17 °C) and with most days staying sunny. If you are planning a trip and staying at one of the monthly hotels San Antonio has in the city in January, here are a few items that you will need:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – even if outdoor temperatures are not very high, the sun’s rays can still be harsh on your skin and on your eyes, so make sure you bring suitable sun protection to your trip;
  • Light, comfortable clothes – a light, waterproof jacket, a scarf, tracking shoes or footwear in which you can walk comfortably are essential for exploring the city and its surroundings;
  • Casual clothes – Texans don’t dress very formal and neither should you. Pack two pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts or tops, a denim jacket and you are good to go;
  • A cross-body bag – this is the most comfortable type of bag, easy to carry around and large enough to accommodate everything your need during your explorations;
  • Chargers and adapters for your digital and electric devices – pay attention to have them all with you, there is nothing more annoying than bringing your devices with you on the trip and being unable to use them.